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Red Wings, who have played at Joe Louis Arena since the 1979 80 season, will move to a new facility nearby next season that they will share with the Pistons near the home of the Lions and Tigers. Joe Louis Arena will be demolished and the land will be turned over by the city to one of its creditors as part of a major settlement in its bankruptcy case. A hotel and condos are expected to be part of the future development..

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The measure would keep the existing number of state liquor licenses, but allow convenience stores and supermarkets to purchase an existing license and convert it to a food merchant license. A conversion license would cost $25,000 and be renewed annually for $2,500 under the bill. License fees would support alcohol enforcement efforts by the Pennsylvania State Police..

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He was considered a world class theologian and was known as an early and brimstone preacher employing the fear of divine punishment to bring his audiences to repentance (Carroll, xii).[2] Another leading evangelist of the time was George Whitefield. He was ordained a minister of the Church of England, and yet he was publicly at odds with them. He was popular for his ability to inspire and motivate a mass of listeners.

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29 December 2014 Kailahun district in eastern Sierra Leone was one of the country’s first hotspots in the Ebola outbreak, at its peak reporting more than 80 new cases per week in late June 2014. With the assistance of WHO and partners, combined with the close involvement of community leaders, the district has managed to beat the disease and has reported no new cases for several weeks. There is no room for complacency however.